Welcome Angleton Alumni

The purpose of the Angleton Alumni Association is to further the interests of Angleton Independent School District, (“AISD”) its students, faculty and alumni in pursuit of the following goals:

  • Preservation of the tradition and identity of Angleton Independent School District within the Angleton community; promote and enrich the education of students attending public schools in Angleton, Texas;
  • Promotion and maintenance of the scholastic excellence of Angleton High School as a college preparatory institution;
  • Providing financial support in the form of scholarships to graduating Angleton High School students.

Lifetime membership is $100.00 per alumni or $150.00 for couple who are both Angleton Alumni. Annual membership is $20.00 per alumni due yearly.

You may send check or money order made out to Angleton Alumni Association, PO Box 122 Angleton, TX 77516-0122. Click here for the membership form.

With this website we inform you of future reunions, help find old classmates, and memorialize some of the members of our classes that have passed on.

The officers and members of the Angleton Alumni Association hope that you will enjoy this site. Using this site will be free of charge. All former students are welcome to contact us regardless if you graduated or not.

If you enjoy this website tell your friends to drop by. We need to spread the word that there’s a free website available for Angleton alumni to reconnect.

The Angleton Alumni Association