To Alumni of Angleton ISD:

The Angleton Alumni Association in some form dates back to 1911. While I cannot speak to its earlier functions, I can share with you what the current board members have accomplished in the past several years:

Beginning in 2012, AAA created a scholarship fund and awarded its first scholarship to a deserving student; the second such award was made in May, 2013. Scholarships are limited to Angleton High School graduating seniors seeking to further their education at any accredited college, university or technical school and whose parent, grandparent or legal guardian attended Angleton and/or Marshall Schools. We encourage all eligible students to apply.

Following tragic incidents that claimed the lives of four AHS students in the late 60’s, teacher Jesse Bates and the Class of 1967 created a memorial garden at the Downing Street campus to honor the memory of those students. Members of that same class and AISD spearheaded a drive to complete their vision of the memorial and include the names of all AISD students, faculty and staff who passed away during enrollment or employment with AISD.

The Memorial Garden was recently rededicated to the memory of those we lost since 1960, when the Downing Street campus was opened, but names can still be added. We are working on the best way to access the names from the website, so if you know of someone you believe should be included, please post a message through the website, angletonalumni.org, or email Murphy Rankin at murphy.rankin@gmail.comj.

By now you surely have heard about the History Center, housed in the former library of the Downing Street campus. For the past three years, with support from the AAA, former teachers Linda Winder and Sue Neill have created and curated a fun, educational and historical window into 100+ years of Angleton School history. I encourage you to check it out in person, Wednesday afternoons 1-5 p.m. and on Facebook at Angleton Schools History Center. AAA welcomes reunions and will make every effort accommodate your class on weekends.

Partnering with AISD, the Alumni Association has an annual reunion for AHS graduates who have been out of school at least 50 years. The Old Timers Reunion, a popular and well attended gathering scheduled for September 28, 2013 at the Henderson Road commons and the History Center, may have ended without the current board stepping up in 2010 and assuming responsibility for organizing the event. Anyone graduating from AHS through 1963 is encouraged to attend.

Finally, AAA recently sponsored the First Annual School Supply Drive to support AISD school children and the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to educate them.

The current AAA Board of Directors are: Sammy Alsobrook, president; John Morgan, vice president; Katie Clegg, secretary; Kathy Cooksey Goff, treasurer; and Directors: Dana Joy Cox Alsobrook, Hanna Chalmers, Luther Goff, Betty Condry McAfee, Sue Neill, Bridgett Norris, Murphy Rankin, Roger Runkel and Linda Winder.

They have done a remarkable job in furthering the interests of the Angleton Alumni Association and AISD. But we can do more, and we need your help. We are working on making it easier for you to support Angleton Alumni Association, whether your interest is scholarships, the History Center, Memorial Garden, honorariums or simply by paying your membership dues – only $10 per year, $100 Individual Lifetime or $150 Lifetime for couples.

If you are current on your membership dues, dropped off school supplies, donated to the Memorial Garden, mailed a check or donated mementoes for the History Center, we thank you.

Please continue to visit the website and Facebook page, and consider joining us for the First Annual Membership Meeting, October 26, 2013, 10:00 a.m., at the Angleton Schools History Center.

Debra Morris, Class of 1972